Medicare issues? We’re here to help.


We are so grateful to our customers for keeping us informed about their insurance issues (see letter below).

Many people don’t realize that insurance mailings, emails, phone calls or personal solicitations can often result in major changes to their insurance coverage. It can be very confusing when these solicitations mention a “Better Medicare” program from a private insurance company. We all need to ask these solicitors the questions that are important to our health needs, such as will urological catheters be covered, are there out of network benefits (i.e. can I still use my current supplier?) and how much will the new deductible be?

If anyone has questions about their policy or a new policy, please reach out to us and we will do our best to help.


The Team at Summit Express Medical Supply

Dear Steve,

Sorry about the screw up, hope this all works out. This foul up came about because of an age thing. I got an email postcard from Medicare that said I could improve on my present coverage. It looked innocent to me and I’m always looking for improvements, so I sent the card back with a “yes.” They called me and had me on my cellphone for an hour signing me up, never explaining it was a change in medical plans. I kept asking is this for real and no extra costs? Of course, they said. I had to call them back and they answered “Medicare” so I thought is was legit. On Tuesdays I do volunteer work for the “Off for the Aging,” so I casually mentioned to my rep what went on. She got concerned, made some calls and contacted Medicare and sprung the news on me that I signed up with a Medicare Advantage plan. She said Medicare is www.medicare.govNOT Wow, was I p…ed. Hope all is well with you. I’ve been told I am stuck with this until March 1st. I do not think my secondary insurance with AARP is affected. This is all very confusing to me.

Thanks for your help,

I’d recommend Summit Express to anyone who lives with an uppity bladder. The good people there, Steve, Paulette, Anna, all of them, are available, friendly, knowledgeable, and have helped me immeasurably in managing my catheter needs.

Lois T.