Coude tip catheters

Coude is a French word meaning “curved.”  Simply speaking, coude tip catheters are either indwelling catheters (foley) or intermittent (single use disposable) catheters with a slightly bent tip at the narrow end of the catheter.

Coude tip catheters are primarily used by patients who have difficulty catheterizing due to an enlarged prostate (BPH), urethral strictures or scarring.  They tend to be more comfortable to use than typical straight catheters, because the curved tip tends to slide and bend around the strictures or enlarged prostate, as opposed to straight catheters, which tend to “poke” the obstruction and cause irritation and bleeding.

Coude tip catheters are typically inserted with the curve tip facing up and usually have either a blue line, dot or some other marker to indicate when the tip is facing up.

Coude tip catheters are manufactured in a variety of formats from “closed system”, hydrophilic, pre-lubricated, non-lubricated and even pocket size.

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