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How to Use A Catheter – MTG Instant Cath® Coude Catheters

How To Use Kids’ Catheters – MTG Kiddie-Kath® Urinary Catheter

How to Use MTG EZ-Advancer® Urinary Catheters

How to Use Female Catheters – MTG Cath-Lean® Urinary Catheter

Dealing with Strictures. Rick Hayden Chooses a Cure.

Cure Twist with Kristina Rhoades

WCMX Star Jerry Diaz and the Cure Medical Closed System

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For immediate service, call the catheter experts at Summit: 888-269-6605.

Over the last 11 years since my injury in 2003, I have used several vendors for my catheters. Each one was lacking a key component and that was the customer service portion of the relationship.

Summit Express provides stellar customer service. I know when I call with an issue that it will be addressed right away. The staff is extremely professional and efficient. To be able to call and get the owner of the company on the phone, no matter what time of day, is a comforting feeling. Steve prides himself on ensuring all his customer’s needs are met.

Summit Express is one of the primary referral sources for me to provide my clients and my friends.

Matthew C.