What our customers are saying about Summit Express Medical Supply.

“I’d recommend Summit Express to anyone who lives with an uppity bladder. The good people there, Steve, Paulette, Anna, all of them, are available, friendly, knowledgeable, and have helped me immeasurably in managing my catheter needs.”

— Lois T.

“I am so happy with the incredible service and attention that you and your staff have given me over these difficult years. You have provided me with excellent products that have made my life easier. Keep up the good work.”

— Stanley M.

“Over the last 11 years since my injury in 2003, I have used several vendors for my catheters. Each one was lacking a key component and that was the customer service portion of the relationship.

Summit Express provides stellar customer service. I know when I call with an issue that it will be addressed right away. The staff is extremely professional and efficient. To be able to call and get the owner of the company on the phone, no matter what time of day, is a comforting feeling. Steve prides himself on ensuring all his customer’s needs are met.

Summit Express is one of the primary referral sources for me to provide my clients and my friends.”

— Matthew C.

“I have been very pleased with the service and personal attention afforded by Steve Gottlieb and his team. They are ‘problem solvers’ and are always so accommodating and efficient.”

— James H

“SE’s professional & personal approach has helped us as a family to maintain the quality of care that we strive to maintain for my daughter, while caring for her health needs.”

—Jackie M.

“Summit Express Medical Supply! I cannot say enough good things about them. SUPER easy to work with! I can’t believe how easy they make things, seriously. We had some issue with insurance and they sent my husband some catheters in the interim to get by with. They actually are a company that really gets it….every time either myself or my husband has to call them for anything they always remember us and we don’t feel like just another client/number. I wish all medical supply companies worked they way they do, they are serious incredible.”

— Shannon C.

“Just a short note to personally thank you for the years of fine catheter service you have given me. It’s too easy to overlook someone who does everything right the first time; that’s a rare experience.”

— Frank B.

“Summit Express Medical Supply is one of those companies that you come across all too infrequently. Meeting Steve Gottlieb was a life changer. I had no idea that my insurance company would allow me to have a supply of sterile catheters for single use. I had been using one catheter and just cleaning it each time. Once I was approved for monthly deliveries my good experience continued. The staff calls me each month on time to make sure I get my order correctly and quickly. I can’t thank Summit Express Medical Supply enough for improving my quality of life.”

— Joel Kessler

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