Intermittent catheters

For those people who need to be on a regimented bladder management program, the gold standard of care is sterile intermittent catheterization. Sterile intermittent catheters completely empty the bladder to maintain low bladder pressure and minimum residual urine volumes. This helps minimize the risk of urological complications, UTI’s and urethral strictures, resulting in an improved quality of life.

Straight intermittent catheters are available in a variety of materials including vinyl, red rubber (latex) and all silicone. They also come in two lengths, usually 6” and 16”, as well as French sizes from 10fr – 18fr.

Coude intermittent catheters have a slightly “tapered” curved tip or “olive” curved tip making it easier to insert. These catheters are specifically designed for anyone who has difficulty inserting a straight tip catheter, especially those individuals with an enlarged prostate or urethral stricture.

Pediatric intermittent catheters are available as well, in straight and coude, with sizes from 5fr – 10fr. They come in vinyl, all silicone and hydrophilic-coated.

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