Closed system catheters

Over the past several years, closed system catheters have become the preferred method for performing sterile intermittent catheterization for many people. For those who use wheelchairs, have limited use of their hands or experience frequent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), closed system catheters are an excellent and effective option. Closed system catheters are secure, discreet and can be used virtually anywhere (i.e. bathroom, private room, or car). This is a huge advantage over traditional intermittent catheters.

Closed system intermittent catheter systems are designed to help create a sterile field and are made with a special “inducer tip” that helps bypass bacteria at the opening of the urethra. Also, since you never actually touch the catheter itself, there’s very little chance of cross-contamination and contracting a UTI. These systems are available with or without insertion supplies (gloves, sterile drapes, and prep pads). Most closed system kits are available with latex free products as well.

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Closed system catheters and Urinary Tract Infections

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